Restore Your Inner Balance With Marmapuncture, Health Coaching and Science Based Skills for Well Being 

Marmapuncture is the original name of Ayurvedic Acupuncture. It can treat many diseases and trauma based injuries, restoring balance in the network of channels in the body which can be damaged through injury, or stagnate due to the stresses of modern daily life. Whether you are suffering from a chronic injury such as back or joint pain, acute trauma, stress-tension aches and pains, or are seeking to reduce anxiety or mental stress, Marmapuncture can help to reduce pain and restore health and inner balance. In sessions you can also learn new habits of well being drawing from natural health, Ayurveda and mindfulness which help strengthen and support our mental, emotional and physical resilience and vitality. 

Carey Idle is a fully qualified Marmapuncture practitioner and Ayurvedic Natural Health and Well-Being Therapist. He has also trained in other disciplines which can be used within clinic practice to support or enhance treatment including; Buteyko breath training, Mindfulness meditation, Remedial therapy and Shiatsu.