Treatment at Windhorse clinic is focused on working with an individuals constitution along with presenting conditions, applied with a gentle application of marmapuncture (Ayurvedic acupuncture) and other Himalayan external therapies.  Many conditions can be successfully addressed with Ayurvedic acupuncture, these can include, but not limited too; chronic physical pain or body injuries, acute digestive or sleep issues as well as anxiety, emotional or stress related conditions.


Carey Idle is a fully insured and qualified Marmapuncture practitioner and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant. He has also completed training in other disciplines which can be used within clinic practice to support or enhance treatment including; remedial therapy, Shiatsu, Oriental therapy, moxibustion, Buteyko breathing, Mindfulness meditation and Neuroplasticity training. Health rebates are also available for remedial treatment.

Carey’s keen interest and continued study of Tibetan medicine has also influenced his clinic practice. The term Windhorse means “Lung-ta” in Tibetan, which refers to the vital energy of Prana or Qi in the body when it is in perfect balance.

Windhorse Health Clinic is situated in the lush hills and peaceful surrounds of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Eudlo, just a few minutes walk from Chenrezig Institute Buddhist Centre.

Counselling and Buddhist Psychotherapy services are now also available at Windhorse Clinic with Renate Ogilvie. Renate is a highly trained and very experienced practitioner and if you’d like to know more about her practice or book a session you can do so via contacts on the Buddhist psychotherapy page or visit her website: www.renateogilvie.com.au