Buddhist Psychotherapy

Buddhist Psychotherapy and Counselling is now available at the clinic with Renate Ogilvie.

Renate was born in Germany, and educated in both East and West.

She holds Masters degrees of Frankfurt University, and Regents College London (in conjunction with Guy’s Hospital), and studied Western Philosophy at Birkbeck College London. She worked in London as a literary agent and commissioning editor, before training as an existential psychotherapist and counsellor.

Since migrating to Australia, Renate has been an international lecturer on Tibetan Buddhism for over twenty years, and has appeared as a speaker on national radio and TV, as well as on numerous related conferences. She has been leading retreats to Bhutan, and is a Consultant to the Bhutan Nuns Foundation.

Renate works as a psychotherapist and teacher of meditation in private practice at the Windhorse Clinic on the Sunshine Coast.

She offers spiritual and practical help dealing with the problems of everyday modern life:



Life Crises

Relationship Issues

Work Place Stress

Health Problems

Spiritual Concerns

Her work combines humanistic psychotherapy with a non-sectarian philosophical approach based on Buddhist teachings.

To book an appointment please contact Renate directly: 0439 758 489             Email: renate.ogilvie@bigpond.com