Buteyko Functional Breathing

Buteyko is a gentle and simple breathing technique developed by Russian professor Dr Konstantin Buteyko and is world renowned for its effectiveness in treating many health issues including asthma, anxiety, panic attacks, snoring, sleep and digestive issues, hypertension, migraines, rhinitis, sinusitis and allergies. Buteyko has been shown to increase overall vitality and assist in boosting immunity.

Windhorse Buteyko Clinic is run by partners Adrienne Strong and Carey Idle who trained under master teacher Patrick Mckeown and his Buteyko Clinic International accrediting organisation. Together they run regular Buteyko programs for groups and individual sessions in person on Queenslands Sunshine Coast or remotely via Zoom video link. These usually run over three sessions of two hours duration each plus an additional shorter follow up session. Cost also includes free attendance to one follow up refresher/deepening Buteyko session.

Group (fixed class terms):  Full course cost: $240 per person

Individual (flexible schedule): 1 on 1 full course cost: $350 per person

Cost also includes free attendance to follow up refresher/deepening Buteyko session. A concession rate is available for students, part-time workers, unemployed or those on a pension.

We also run periodic workshops and programs about Buteyko Based Mindfulness Practice (BBMP). This training has been developed by Windhorse Buteyko to integrate the traditional breathing technique into mindfulness practice for reducing stress and anxiety and increasing general well being. For more information about upcoming course see our Upcoming Buteyko Programs page or you can also contact us for more information or join our Buteyko mailing list below: