Fully Being – Sunshine Coast

Fully Being ~ Sunshine Coast is a meditation group that meets twice monthly (usually the first and third Sunday of the month at 10am AEST) at the clinic to practice, study and discuss meditation together. We also use Zoom link for people wishing to join remotely to group practice.

The meditations are mainly based on the Fully Being online course by Tsoknyi Rinpoche. The Fully Being program is ideal for anyone looking for an online resource to learn a secular approach to meditation to develop greater inner peace and compassion from an authentic teacher. If you are new to meditation this is an excellent way to begin a mindfulness practice with a gentle and somatic approach to working with our mind and body. To experience an example of this relaxed and embodied style of meditation practice led by Rinpoche, follow the link here.

If you are already a meditator you may develop another understanding of how to approach the practice, what can block it, as well as how to skilfully work with your mind while deepening connection to awareness and loving-kindness.

In order to facilitate common understanding or deepen practice you may wish to subscribe to the Fully Being online course. This is available for a small monthly subscription that can be cancelled or paused at any time (we will soon be offering a group discount for people wishing to use both the online program and attend in person). Please note, this is entirely optional for attendee’s at our in-person session on the Sunshine Coast. All welcome to any session, the group is proactively inclusive. You can find the main Fully Being page and see the free course introduction here.

The Fully Being group sessions start with a meditation practice, after which we watch short teaching videos from whichever module we are studying, practice some QiGong exercises -consisting of gentle stretches and movement- followed by discussion and finishing with a somatic mindfulness meditation.

Fully Being Sunshine Coast is offered by sliding scale donation ($5-$10) which is used both for facility fees as well as towards a yearly donation to the Fully Being international organisation of Tsoknyi Rinpoche; Pundarika. You also can make payment for class ahead of time via the donate link found below. A Zoom video link is also now available for people wishing to join our live in-person class remotely. Also please note we welcome attendance to anyone who is undergoing financial hardship and for whom the suggested donation is currently unaffordable. 

To be kept informed of classes and receive class zoom links you can join our email list via the form below. For any enquires feel free to contact us for more information.