Qigong – Moving meditation

Qigong is an ancient gentle healing exercise which is suitable for people of all ages.

Qigong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow-flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and a calm meditative state of mind. People practice qigong throughout China and worldwide for recreation, exercise, relaxation, preventive medicine, self-healing, meditation, self-cultivation, as well as training for martial arts.

Researchers have examined qigong in connection with a wide range of medical conditions (including hypertension, pain, and cancer) and with respect to quality of life. Regular practice of Qigong is said to help balance our mind, body and energy, bringing a relaxed and natural sense of well being as well as greater vitality and stronger immunity.

Our Qigong practice group meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ Windhorse clinic to learn and practice together from 5pm-6pm. Cost $10.

You can pay/book ahead via link below, cash or card payment also possible at the venue. Otherwise email us to join the mailing list or for more information. Alternatively simply come along on the day!

Donate Payment ($10)