Upcoming Buteyko Programs

Upcoming Windhorse Buteyko Group Courses Summer – 2020

Our next group program term will run as three classes on the Sunshine Coast at the Eudlo Public Hall next February from;

Saturday 1 February to Saturday 15 February 2020:  10am – 12pm

We will also be running a course for Children and parents concurrently on those dates: 9am – 10am  For more info on this contact us

These courses are a great opportunity to learn and practice the complete range of Buteyko methods together at an affordable rate in a small group. We highly recommended to book in early as places are limited for the group programs.


‘Anxiety Free’ Buteyko Workshops – Reduce Stress and Anxiety Naturally with the Buteyko Mindful Breathing Method

We will be running a number of day workshops next year, offering practical and effective tools to help reduce anxiety and improve well being through the revolutionary breath retraining method of Buteyko. Learn how to utilise diaphragm breathing and neuroplasticity through Buteykos unique approach to rediscover your natural inner calm and balance. The first of these workshops will be held at the Well Being Centre @ Chenrezig Institute on Sunday 24 May, 2020. More details to follow soon.


Deepening Buteyko Mindful Breathing Practice Session:

Open to anyone who has completed a full Buteyko course with us or any other qualified trainers. Cost: $10

First attendance free for those anyway who has attended a full Windhorse Buteyko course,  $10 thereafter.  Next class will be held in May, date to be confirmed. To book into these classes or for more information about Buteykothe group courses, or individual session options, please feel free to contact us: windhorsebuteyko@gmail.com